Newsweek Booted From Tribeca for Lovely Seventh Avenue!

And only 11 months after Newsweek moved to Tribeca, it looks like they’re packing their bags again.

The newsweekly is being pushed out of its plush new office at 395 Hudson Street and tossed back to midtown at the considerably less nice-sounding 887 Seventh Avenue, the Post reported today.

The magazine’s new location will be a stone’s throw from their old West 57st Street digs. Kaplan, the breadwinner for the Washington Post Company, will replace Newsweek in Hudson Square.

It’s been an exhausting few years for Newsweek as it has made its real estate search. Two years ago, it was on the verge of signing at 100 Church Street in the Financial District. The magazine abandoned that plan when it realized they’d be located too close to a Four Seasons Hotel construction site.

So they chose a location in Tribeca, which is easy enough to rationalize: the rents are cheaper; it’s turned into a media hub in the last two years; at least it’s an area that has something going for it–it’s cool, it’s chic, nice restaurants!

And now that’s over.

Incidentally, Keith Kelly floated a rumor today that Jon Meacham may be leaving the magazine soon. Mr. Meacham, who oversaw a massive redesign of the magazine last year, didn’t do much to knock down the rumor with a rather tepid denial: “I have no plans to leave.”



  Newsweek Booted From Tribeca for Lovely Seventh Avenue!