Items! Arianna vs. Rudy, Reading in Queens

Arianna Huffington and Rudy Giuliani quarreled on Morning Joe today. Mort Zuckerman just watched.

Art Capital made at least $16 million dollars off Annie Leibowitz, thanks to that 44 percent interest rate.

The Atlantic is paying its interns. Even ones who are gone.

Verizon C.E.O. has told Apple he’d like to carry the iPhone.

Democrats settle on a candidate for Eric Massa’s empty seat.

The man behind WikiLeaks.

Mississippi governor plays the fat redneck with an accent card.

AOL getting rid of Bebo, which was once a popular social network, apparently.

Carl Paladino has no ambition of getting re-elected.

R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis sold 119,914 copies last year.

Bruce Springsteen makes cheating classy!

Queens: a bad place to read.
Items! Arianna vs. Rudy, Reading in Queens