This Week To Gets Its Facts Checked

Not long ago, NYU Professor Jay Rosen suggested–given the rabid partisanship on display Sunday mornings–that Meet The Press enlist Politifact to measure the veracity of all its guests.

In case MTP wouldn’t do it, Mr. Rosen prodded interim This Week host Jake Tapper.

[Mr. Tapper] could institute the midweek fact check in a stroke. And he has the ego to think he could pull it off. Stroke, ego– hey, maybe we got something here. How ’bout it, Jake?

Well, Mr. Tapper took the bait, Politifact agreed to do it, and starting this Sunday, the Pulitzer-winning fact-checkers will sick their “Truth-O-Meter” on all the guests.

And it might prove a good week to start: Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Rudy Giuliani and Arianna Huffington are on the guest list.

This Week To Gets Its Facts Checked