WSJ vs. Times: Opening New Fronts

The Wall Street JournalNew York Times war will not be confined to New York: no, even as The Times shores up its regional editions nationally, The Journal will remain undaunted in its pursuit. Reports AdAge:

Don’t imagine that Mr. Murdoch will stop with New York. The Journal has already moved into areas where other papers fell back, such as San Francisco, where both it and the Times have local editions, and Detroit, where it launched a marketing blitz when the local papers cut home delivery to three days a week.

“If this works for us,” Mr. Hinton said, “there are other parts of the country that we would look on as potential next steps.”

Onward! Of course, as John Koblin reported last week, The Journal doesn’t expect to make short-term money with its New York campaign–the important thing here is the bravado. WSJ vs. Times: Opening New Fronts