John McLaughlin Brunch Returns to Roof of Hay-Adams; Order in Universe Restored

Last year, John McLaughlin moved his annual Sunday spring brunch from its historic home on the lovely roof terrace of the Hay-Adams Hotel overlooking the White House to some street-side Italian place on K Street.

Experientally and symbolically, it was a major blow.

Seemingly every year since the the dawn of human history, Mr. McLaughlin’s brunch has served as a curtain-closer on the annual festivities surrounding the White House Correspondents Dinner. The brunch is a great tradition. You show up with a slight hangover and see more or less the exact same people you saw at parties all weekend, except now they’re wearing questionable hats instead of tuxedos. You eat some eggs. You watch Clarence Page talk with Rosario Dawson. You dig Lawrence O’Donnell’s footwear.

And most importantly, you do it all from the roof terrace of the Hay-Adams Hotel, looking out over Washington–or more specifically, down at the White House. Everything about it works.

But last year, without any real explanation to its devoted attendees, Mr. McLaughlin moved the Sunday affair far, far away from its traditional perch to some place with absolutely no bird’s eye view of the White House. At the brunch, in between stories about Pat Buchanan’s late beloved cat named Gipper, there were grumbles. Everyone chalked up the change of venue to the leaner times in the media and in America.

Well, those dark days are over!

Today, we opened our invitation for Sunday’s bunch and discovered much to our pleasure that it’s back at the Hay-Adams this year.

To judge by the invitation, it looks like Mr. McLaughlin and company have found a new partner to help foot the bill.

This year’s bunch is being co-hosted by Devin Wenig, CEO of Thomson Reuters Markets.

Dress code: “garden attire.”



  John McLaughlin Brunch Returns to Roof of Hay-Adams; Order in Universe Restored