Keller on Murdoch: ‘Corrosive’

Bill Keller pinch hit for the Book Review this weekend, and the executive editor couldn’t resist taking a little potshot at his new New York rival.

One has to read almost to the end of Mr. Keller’s cover review of The Publisher: Henry Luce and His American Century to hear his take on Rupert Murdoch, but there it is, snuck into the second-to-last paragraph, about how there’s “no vehicle, no voice with the coherent power of Luce’s magazines in their heyday” in today’s media landscape.

“The last of his breed of media tycoon is a 79-year-old Australian billionaire whose impact has been more corrosive than cohesive,” Mr. Keller wrote.

The battle’s begun, so perhaps Mr. Murdoch–or one of his associates–will pen a biting book review in response. Keller on Murdoch: ‘Corrosive’