Kilt Groupe: Scots Get Gross at Annual Charity Fling

Actor Kyle MacLachlan–either the guy from Blue Velvet or Charlotte’s impotent husband on Sex and the City, depending on whom you ask–has a new hobby. “I make wine!” he said happily at the Dressed to Kilt charity fashion show at M2 Ultra Lounge on Monday, April 5. “It’s a cabernet blend that I make with a friend in Washington State, called ‘Pursued by Bear'”–after a stage direction from The Winter’s Tale, he explained.

Singer Joan Jett was also there, looking ferocious in a giant feathered William Chambers headpiece, along with a leather bra top and jacket-this despite her own vegetarian proclivities. “If not wearing leather would stop animals from getting eaten, then I’d stop wearing leather tomorrow,” said Ms. Jett, who recently released a greatest-hits album and a new book and is played by Kristen Stewart in a new movie, The Runaways. “At least I can sit there and thank the dead cow for letting me wear its skin.”

Man-about-town Alan Cumming had animals on the brain, too, reminiscing about his childhood in small-town Scotland. “I quite often had to stick my hand up a sheep’s vagina to help her deliver a lamb, because I had the smallest hands.” Okaaay. … We asked if he had any tips on how best to wear plaid. “You mean tartan?” he said schoolmarmishly. “What’s the best way to wear tartan? With pride.”

Marcus Schenkenberg, the onetime face-and body-of Calvin Klein Jeans-was doing just that, modeling a long kilt and not much else. Mr. Schenkenberg has recently completed a line of pearl jewelry (for men!), a new workout video and his own fragrance, Marcus Schenkenberg Eau de Parfum, which he reports smells like “sex. All kinds of sex.” Oh? “I have three balls,” he later elaborated.

Why was everyone being so yucky?

Kilt Groupe: Scots Get Gross at Annual Charity Fling