Last Night’s TV: Obama Gets Tough (on the Basketball Court) and More

Never count Barack Obama out. In a clip shown during Saturday’s Final Four games, the president matched up with CBS college basketball analyst—and former All-American power forward—Clark Kellogg for a game of H-O-R-S-E (rechristened P-O-T-U-S) and actually won. This despite trailing by three letters in the early going. Though before you get too excited know that even the president found it to be a hollow victory, especially since Mr. Kellogg appeared to miss a few shots on purpose. Controversy! Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

The Today Show, using Twitter, YouTube and some good ol’ fashioned reporting, got to the bottom of the 7.2 earthquake that struck in Baja California late yesterday and was felt all the way in Downtown Los Angeles. Apparently, the takeaway here is that California is “Earthquake Country.” Well okay then.

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And finally, on The Wanda Sykes Show on Saturday night (yes, that’s still on), R&B singer Erykah Badu spoke out for the first time about her controversial naked performance art video shot in Dealey Plaza. See, it was actually done to honor John F. Kennedy. Regardless, that didn’t stop the Dallas Police with charging her with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Last Night’s TV: Obama Gets Tough (on the Basketball Court) and More