Lester holding onto lead over D’Amico by 380 votes

JERSEY CITY – Her teacher union/Steve Fulop backed running mates destroyed the field tonight, but Fulop ally Carol Lester is not yet a sure victor in a 16-person race for three School Board seats.

With 93 percent of the districts reporting and running mates Sterling Waterman and Angel Valentin accumulating record vote totals, Lester (who’s backed by Fulop but not the teachers’ union) has just a 380-point lead over Sebastian D’Amico, a retired employee with the Jersey City Board of Education.

Founder of a charter school, Lester parted company with D’Amico on charter schools, as the 50-year employee of the Board of Education voiced campaign trail caution on the issue. 

If Lester does not manage to defeat D’Amico, three teachers’ union candidates will have prevailed, creating inevitable questions about the voters’ motivating force behind the two-thirds successful members of the Fulop Team.

It could prove a longer term political complication for Fulop, a vouchers proponent, that third rail with the teachers’ unions.

Former Mayor Gerald McCann and his allies do not appear to be in contention tonight, and School Board Member Terry Dehere has already conceded here and thanked his supporters at his restaurant.

Right NOW:

Sterling Waterman (endorsed by teachers’ union and Fulop): 6,674 votes (21%)

Angel Valentin (endorsed by teachers’ union and Fulop): 6,189 votes (19.58%)

Carol Lester (endorsed by Fulop, but not teachers’ union): 3,646 votes (11.54%)

Sebastin D’Amico: 3,267 votes (10.33%) Lester holding onto lead over D’Amico by 380 votes