Mack lands Latino endorsements

Aiming for diversity and trying to flex his contacts across a spectrum of Trenton’s political landscape, former Mercer County Freeholder Tony Mack in his bid for mayor today intends to announce the endorsements of several Latino community staples. 

The supporters include buiness leader Carmen Melendez; grassroots organizer (and city council candidate) Juan Martinez; Robert Menendez of Security Investigations; recording artist Don Perez; and business leader Victor Delgado.

“It’s that grassroots movement,” Mack told “It’s what I love about public service: the ability to reach people. They are all Trentonians and they are all diehard Trentonians. This is very important.”

The announcement inevitably throws back-lighting on At-Large Councilman Manuel Segura, the lone Latino running for mayor in a city where the Hispanic voting population totals about 22%. Segura’s allies say Mack’s endorsements are a scattershot that lacks reach in the community.

But Melendez, who went to high school with Mack, said the endorsements reflect precisely Mack’s long-standing presence in Trenton.

“Tony is a Trentonian,” said the businesswoman. “A lot of us in our 30’s and 40’s who graduated from high school feel that with Tony, it’s more of a familial flavor. For me, personally, we will be able to catapult the Latino comunity to where we should have been a long time ago. Hopefully, the grassroots community and the home grown quaility make a difference.

“As a human being, Manny is unbelievable,” Melendez added. “But what’s hurt him is… the worry that if he wins, there are going to be people coming from out of town with no strong commitments to Trenton.”

Mack lands Latino endorsements