Marra looking at NJSEA policy on VIP tickets

Gov. Christopher Christie has asked Ralph Marra to review the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority’s policy to hold back house seats for VIP’s.  Marra, a former Acting U.S. Attorney who is now the NJSEA general counsel, will look at the appropriateness of giving premier seats to the politically connected, and will consider the ethical implications of the current policy.  Marra is expected to report his findings directly to Christie.

In addition, the state Ethics Commission is scheduled to review the NJSEA policy on tickets at a meeting next week.  This is bad news for NJSEA chairman Carl Goldberg, who has played a role in securing some of the best concert tickets at Giants Stadium and at the IZOD arena for the politically connected. 

According to a Bloomberg report,  Gov. Jon Corzine’s office reserved 57 hard-to-get concerts tickets between the primary and general elections last year, and that 350 seats were set aside for elected officials.  All this happened as the state Attorney General filed a lawsuit against online ticket brokers, alleging illegal marketing tactics. Marra looking at NJSEA policy on VIP tickets