Meet the Time 100. Also: Ben Stiller Both Hero and ‘Pain in the Ass’

The Time 100 is out, and it’s the usual mix of Atul Gawandes and Sonia Sotomayors, with a healthy handful of Robert Pattinsons for good measure.

Big news, though: Ben Stiller has made the leap from Artist to Hero because of his Web-based effort to build temporary schools in Haiti, Robert De Niro explains:

When Ben recognized the need to provide schools for Haitian children, he found a way to do it by combining humor with humanity. He founded with the slogan “Stealing great ideas from other charities.” You log on for the jokes, then stay because Ben has moved you; and before you know it, you’ve made a contribution, and the world’s a slightly better place. What a pain in the ass.

You think that’s harsh, you should see what Ben Bernanke wrote about Paul Volcker.

Selections from The 2010 Time 100.


1.            Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

2.            J.T. Wang

3.            Admiral Mike Mullen

4.            Barack Obama

5.            Ron Bloom



1.            Bill Clinton

2.            Kim Yu-Na

3.            Mir-Hossein Mousavi

4.            Ben Stiller

5.            Temple Grandin



1.            Lady Gaga

2.            Conan O’Brien

3.            Kathryn Bigelow

4.            Oprah Winfrey

5.            Valery Gergiev



1.            Zaha Hadid

2.            Elizabeth Warren

3.            Douglas Schwartzentruber and Larry Kwak

4.            Michael Pollan

5.            Atul Gawande Meet the Time 100. Also: Ben Stiller Both Hero and ‘Pain in the Ass’