Morning News Digest: April 23, 2010

Ingle: Us verus them over there 

Gov. Christie continues to get praise from journalists around the country. The respected conservative columnist, author and baseball fan George Will is the latest to join the choir. Check this out: “The bridge spanning the Delaware River connects New Jersey’s capital with this town where the nation’s most interesting governor occasionally eats lunch at Cafe Antonio. (Ingle, Gannett)

Christie honors Kean in Sea Bright, opposes liquified natural gas terminals

Two days after he weathered one of the most contentious political brawls in recent statewide history and by the reckoning of most came out on the winning end over the New Jersey Education Association, Gov. Chris Christie praised former Gov. Tom Kean – the consummate diplomat – as the greatest governor in New Jersey history. “Tom Kean has always answered the call and there’s no one I’d rather spend Earth Day with than Tom Kean,” Christie said of his mentor, who’s celebrating his 75th birthday. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Manzo faces additional count in new indictment

A federal grand jury has added an additional count of mail fraud to charges against former Assemblyman Louis Manzo (D-Jersey City). Manzo, a former Jersey City mayoral candidate and Hudson County Freeholder, was indicted on six counts of corruption charges last October. He was arrested in July as part of the government’s Operation Bid Rig investigation. (Editor, PolitickerNJ) 

Gooch soaks up shout-out from Christie

 How does she want people to refer to her, 6th Congressional District candidate Diane Gooch is asked at the Surfrider Beach Club moments before the arrival of Gov. Chris Christie who in about a minute will put his imprimatur of approval on her candidacy. Wall street wife? Rumson newspaper magnate? Gooch cuts it off right there. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

 Christie signs solar power law

 Gov. Chris Christie today signed a bill into law that promotes the installation of solar panels by exempting them from restrictions that classified them as an “impervious surface” under laws governing municipal land use and waterfront and coastal development, including the Highlands and Pinelands acts. Some towns, though not all, classifed solar panels as an impervious surface — things such as driveways, homes or pavement that prevents water from being aborbed into the ground, parching aquifers and leading to soil problems or flooding. Solar panels are now exempt because they’re elevated and don’t prevent water absorbtion. A solar panel’s foundation will still be considered an impervious surface. (Symons, Gannett) 

2 casinos fined over banned gambler’s wagering 

Two casinos were fined $10,000 each on Wednesday for allowing a man to gamble after he had barred himself from the premises. Three casinos also forfeited more than $3,200 won by underage gamblers. “There are people who cannot and should not be gambling in Atlantic City, and casinos must be vigilant in their efforts to keep those individuals out,” said Linda Kassekert, chairwoman of the state Casino Control Commission. (Parry, AP) 

Stile: School budget supporters cast ballots for the future 

Douglas Schwartz, an affable booster of Wayne public schools, voted to approve the district’s budget Tuesday — even though it will lead to teacher layoffs, program cuts and a $250 spike in his property taxes. The “yes” vote was a no-brainer. Things could have been a lot worse if the $136.5 million budget went down in defeat. It would have meant deeper cuts, higher classroom sizes and the start of a slide backward to the district’s mediocre reputation of 1978, when Schwartz graduated from Wayne Hills High School. (Stile, The Record)  Morning News Digest: April 23, 2010