Morning Read: Coffey’s Money, Rangel’s Cash, Rattner’s Woes

David Paterson gave money to domestic violence groups.

Andrew Cuomo’s probe includes a meeting Tom DiNapoli conducted.

Quadrangle said Steven Rattner is the one who hired Hank Morris.

SEC enforcement chief: “The victims were New York state’s hardworking retirees, who were entitled to have honest advisors manage their hard-earned dollars.”

Ben Smith: “The scandal that erupted in the office of former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi is a study in contrasts: High flying private equity titans, allegedly caught with their hands in the pockets of teachers, clerks, and sanitation workers. Top politicians whose salaries are stuck in the low six-figures, suddenly in control of pots of money running into the twelve-figures. And top Democratic donors who cast themselves as high-minded, disinterested dabblers in the public good are revealed to have quite a bit of interest after all.

As part of Rattner’s alleged wrongdoing, he tried distributing “Chooch.”

Rattner is a close friend of Bloomberg.

Cuomo wants pension reform.

Brown University invested with Quadrangle, but didn’t comment when reached by the school paper.

Greg Meeks got subpoenaed.

Steve Levy defended giving county work to a company owned by his friend.

Sean Coffey puts $2 million of his own money into his race.

Charlie Rangel is spending twice as much as he’s raising.

Republican challenger Richard Hanna raises more than Democratic incumbent Rep. Michael Arcuri.

Eric Massa is refunding Nancy Pelosi.

Michelle Paterson got a big raise.

The Post estimates about 1,000 people attended a Tea Party rally in midtown.

Tea Party, upstate.

The Tea Party helps the Conservative Party. Morning Read: Coffey’s Money, Rangel’s Cash, Rattner’s Woes