Morning Read: Conway’s Bill, Vance’s Trip, Bloomberg’s Cops

lJelyanne Conway says the RNC owes her thousands of dollars.

Karl Rove and Howard Dean agree (on at least one thing): Democrats will lose seats in the midterm elections.

John Podesta yesterday predicted Democrats will lose about 25 seats.

Video of Dean and Rove.

Rove hedges on the local GOP civil war, and tries sounding brave about defeating Kirsten Gillibrand.

The threat of a Chuck Schumer press conference gets results from the DEP.

CSEA president says halting pay hikes is proof of “incompetence” in David Paterson’s administration.

Paterson’s move is legal, they say, because the raises are begin delayed, not cancelled.

How is the court going to make the state use money that would only drive us into insolvency?”

Paterson is shocked by the pushback to his plan.

Eric Schneiderman gets criticized from the New York Post because of his census bill [corrected].

Irish Central hits Steve Levy for his “anchor baby” comment, but thinks he’ll do better against Andrew Cuomo than Rick Lazio.

Buffalo News thinks Carl Paladino could “channel their justifiable anger.”

But he has to offer specifics, soon.

Paladino hired a fund-raiser.

Kids want a lot of money to do homework.

Water rates are going up.

No NYPD layoffs, says Michael Bloomberg.

The MTA finds a way to cut $40 million without affecting services.

Rochester resident to the Census: “I am Hispanic. You don’t have an option for me.”

Dan Janison says all eyes are on Suffolk County.

Schumer will help raise money for Brian Foley.

Efrain Gonzalez can’t withdraw his plea.

Cy Vance went to court himself.

Vance isn’t moving fast enough, says the Daily News.

And here’s video of Rove and Dean from Albany yesterday.

Morning Read: Conway’s Bill, Vance’s Trip, Bloomberg’s Cops