Morning Read: Cuomo Calls, Paladino Regrets, Levy Pays

Michael Bloomberg cautioned against over-regulating financial markets. “[W]hat you can’t do is have regulation that is dramatically different from those regulations overseas, because business will move from here to there.”

Bloomberg: “I think the bashing of Wall Street is something that should worry everybody, from New York or Illinois.”

Crime is rising here.

A Hillary Clinton SCOTUS rumor is short-lived.

SEIU’s Andy Stern is resigning.

Andrew Cuomo is his own PR machine: “[P]erhaps no elected official in New York spends more time on the telephone with reporters, calling them day and night, coaxing, massaging, disputing, and cajoling — always off the record.”

Cuomo is A1 of The Times.

Gawker summarizes.

Cuomo said he recovered $660 million in Medicaid fraud over three years.

Newsday: “A company associated with a longtime friend of County Executive Steve Levy got more than $85,000 in county title work, on Levy’s recommendation, despite his federal tax evasion conviction, loss of his law license for more than a year, and his being cited for ‘unconscionable trade practices’ by the county’s consumer affairs officials.”

Paladino “was scrambling to save” his candidacy, says the Buffalo News. He also said he wouldn’t send those kind of emails if he were governor.

Paladino’s woes over dirty emails are above the fold in his backyard.

Paladino can kiss the Post good-bye . “Paladino sounds like a low-rent version of Eliot “Client 9″ Spitzer.”

Paladino said he was “somewhat careless” in forwarding dirty emails.

Paladino says he’s not a racist.

“It’s behavior that Carl regrets,” said Paladino’s campaign manager.

Daily News and Chalie Rangel differ: “In 1970, Rangel wrested the seat from Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Powell’s father.”

Henry Goldman summarizes the Quinnipiac poll’s findings.

A moderate’s view of the Rangel-Powell race.

Kevin Wardally dismissed Powell’s theory that Rangel will retire early.

Teacher layoffs may be easier.

Marty Markowitz on Janette Sadik-Khan: “[S]he wants to make it hard for those that choose to own their automobiles,” he said. “She wants to make it difficult, their life difficult. I really believe that.

Tonight’s Charter Revision Commission hearing on Staten Island “will be the first charter revision hearing in Island history to be broadcast live on the Web.”

Al Sharpton gets celebrity help.

Rep. Mike McMahon, again, asks for federal money to save Pouch Camp.

The Poughkeepsie Journal likes Sunshine.

Diane Savino has a virtual town hall on the 20th.

Chris Cox and Andrea Catsimatidis won’t marry before 2012.

A former NY1 reporter goes to trial.

More here.

Twitter ads.

And pictured above is Andrew Cuomo, during the 2006 AG campaign, reaching out for a voter’s hand. Morning Read: Cuomo Calls, Paladino Regrets, Levy Pays