Morning Read: Cuomo’s Money, Bloomberg’s Invite

Andrew Cuomo will keep the $100,000 donated to his campaign by a controversial Goldman Sachs figure.

Last night, Cuomo attended a fund-raiser in the home of a guy whose company “landed a $600 million contract with the New York State Lottery last year.”

Doug Hoffman’s Republican rival, Matt Doheny, is picking up steam.

Eliot Spitzer’s suspicious bank activity, in detail.

Barack Obama is coming to fight.

Bloomberg felt snubbed.

Last night the mayor was invited to Obama’s speech on Thursday.

Googling “Goldman Sachs SEC” leads you to Obama’s web page, which, the Post says, means the White House paid for those keywords.

Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs: “We, as a collective team, have been disappointed that we haven’t seen the reduction in homeless families.”

Crime is up this week.

The Democratic Rural Conference had favorable reviews on everybody.

Rick Wilson is profiled, and takes a few shots at Tom DiNapoli.

Blair Horner feels optimistic about re-districting reform.

Another State senator endorsed Eric Schneiderman.

Malcolm Smith steers taxpayer money to a bare-bones non-profit run by former drug dealers.

A doormen strike looms.

High school students play Assembly.

Pedro Espada claims he’s innocent.

Espada said he has “no relationship” to A-1 Multi-Service LLC.

Espada ally Steve Pigeon hired a lawyer who defended Martha Stewart and Hank Greenberg.

Bill Perkins went to private school, and hates charter schools, says the Post.

Chris Collins helps a friendly agency.

Page Six wonders who leaked the Gates Memo.

And for some, there’s a long journey right outside the White House. Morning Read: Cuomo’s Money, Bloomberg’s Invite