Morning Read: Espada’s Trouble, Doormen’s Deal

Doormen strike averted. Sick days saved. $70 million trimmed in health costs. No details.

Doormen will get a 10 percent pay increase and no major cuts in benefits.

Steve Levy’s Democratic donors want a refund (something Democrats have already grumbled about.)

1010 Wins carries the news.

Republicans want Barack Obama to return donations from Goldman Sachs.

Steven Rattner is still helping Michael Bloomberg.

Steve Cuozzo said Bloomberg has a mess on his hands, which   he created, in replacing Tavern on the Green.

The Times edit board may want to throw out everyone in the legislature. “Unless something changes soon, voters will have to throw out nearly the whole crowd come November.”

Smith and Lovett detail Pedro Espada’s latest problem.

Espada said Cuomo “encouraged the coup, not because of the Senate reforms, but because he wanted to hurt David Paterson’s chances as governor.”

Cuomo: “The amount of political dysfunction in Albany is matched only by the lack of integrity.”

Espada’s woes make A1 of the Times.

Investigators searched Espada’s office this morning.

Zremski: Riding huge party enrollment advantages in their districts, Democratic Reps. Louise M. Slaughter and Brian Higgins and Republican Rep. Chris Lee amassed a total of almost $1.9 million for their re-election bids as of March 31, federal figures show.
“Their opponents?
“Well, at the end of March, they didn’t have any.”

Steve Fiala wants term limits on the ballot this November.

Eric Massa’s $31,896 car payments are questioned.
Kirsten Gillibrand backs tougher Wall Street regulations.

Bloomberg’s latest gun ad went up in several states with a $250,000 ad buy.

Michael Benjamin hits Bill Perkins on education.

Rahm Emanuel hung out with Orin Kramer and other rich people.

Another deputy county executive quit Chris Collins’s office.

Earth Day celebrations were downsized.

Garbage collection on Staten Island will be more difficult.

Christine Quinn did Cindy Adams “a personal favor” and spoke to the ASPCA.

Nominees are being sought for LGBT parade grand marshall.

Greg Ball can’t wait to meet Dick Morris.

The dean of Columbia University’s School of Public Health backs the soda tax.

And above is the Daily News front page today. Morning Read: Espada’s Trouble, Doormen’s Deal