Morning Read: Hank Aaron, Kevin Park, Pedro Espada

Michael Bloomberg: “We love immigrants here.”

Rep. Mike McMahon’s GOP opponents say he’s in favor of “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Rick Lazio’s poem today: “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

Sheldon Silver said the governor–who is threatening to implement furloughs for state workers–has “total control” over the size of the state workforce.

CSEA stands by their “nuts” diss of David Paterson.

Kevin Parker: “You have these … long-term white supremacists … Republican senators, who you know have been in the majority for a long time.”

Parker says he’s the one “fighting the forces of evil.”

Jeremy Peters: Parker is “quickly becoming a political liability for Senate Democrats at a time when they can ill afford another controversy involving one of their members.”

More on Parker’s rants.

Times Union: “[Pedro] Espada said he received no pay from the for-profit company, which received an annual contract from Soundview of $400,000.”

Post: “The nearly $400,000 annual contract was renewed over a five-year period, with the Espadas pocketing a combined $540,000, Cuomo charged.”

Espada paid people as little as $1.70 an hour.

The story of a guy ripped off by Espada.

Matt Zeller, 28, said, “I’ve gone off to war. I’ve fought for my country, and I’ve accomplished and seen and done more than most people do in a lifetime.”
John Bonacic has opponents.

The attack on Bonacic: “He is behind on flood mitigation, he is wrong on gas drilling and he has done nothing on ethics reform.”

And pictured above is baseball legend Hank Aaron, walking through the lobby of the Waldorf Asotria after attending Andrew Cuomo’s fund-raiser. Morning Read: Hank Aaron, Kevin Park, Pedro Espada