Morning Read: Hiring Goldsmith, Checking Cuomo, Challenging Parker

Michael Bloomberg: “[W]e’ve got to keep Washington from destroying the main industry that supports this city.” And, “What I see, unfortunately, is not enough help in Washington from the New York delegation.”

Unions take to the Wall Street.

Kirsten Gillibrand has a fund-raiser on Monday with big-time contributors.

Eliot Brown reports that the new Deputy Mayor will be Stephen Goldsmith.

He’s an outsider, notes Maggie Haberman.

He’ll bring in fresh perspective, says Adam Lisberg.

Andrew Cuomo is sitting on money he collected from fraudulent student loan companies. “What they didn’t think about well enough was what’s going to happen afterward,” he said. “They just didn’t focus on that. They went to the next issue and it’s languished forever.”

Kevin Parker goes to trial this summer.

The Times wants Parker gone.

Republican State Senator Dale Volker is retiring.

Doug Hoffman moves into the 23rd congressional district.

Local lawmakers complain about that law in Arizona.

Mayor Adam Bradley survives.

A mayoral race near Utica turns ugly.

Cindy Adams gets too much info from Kathleen Rice and feels dissed by David Malpass.

And pictured above is Goldsmith. Morning Read: Hiring Goldsmith, Checking Cuomo, Challenging Parker