Morning Read: Massa’s Replacement, Powell’s Bid, Quinn’s Struggle

Andrew Cuomo does another probe related to David Paterson.

Sheldon Siver’s spokesman declined to comment about Paterson’s plan to cut legislative leaders out of the Aqueduct selection process.

Adam Clayton Powell IV will run for Rep. Charlie Rangel’s seat.

St. Vincent’s votes to close its hospital in Manhattan.

Paterson reportedly asked hospital officials to delay their vote, but was refused.

A White House advisor suggests levying the “value added tax.”

Sean Coffey mocks Steve Levy. “I must be an anchor baby.”

Rep. Dan Maffei touts the new health care law. Rep. Chris Lee trashes it.

Jimmy Vielkind rolls with Carl Paladino, Gonzo-style.

Paladino was “short on specifics,” says Tom Precious.

Ed Cox tells Crains 2010 will be good for the GOP.

Democratic county chairs in the 29th Congressional District have chosen a candidate but aren’t saying whom they picked to run for the vacant seat of former U.S. Rep. Eric Massa.”

Metro: “City Council President Christine Quinn is considering a change to city zoning law to slow the proliferation of fast-food joints in neighborhoods with high obesity rates.”

It’s the wood of Metro.

Quinn supports putting Charter Revision Commission proposals on the ballot in 2010 and 2011. On paid sick leave: “I’m continuing to struggle with this.”

Peter Spencer looks at the commission’s staffing.

The Post: “Department of Education transportation chief Eric Goldstein won an order of protection against Atlantic Express owner Domenic Gatto — who runs some 25 percent of the city’s school buses — after Gatto produced a gun during the talks.”

Jimmy Oddo wants potholes fixed.

Health Commissioner Richard Daines travels the state.

Here’s a headline from Washington that Michael Mulgrew must like.

Ed Mangano ends annual tax assessments for property owners.

Assessments will happen every four years.

Mike Nussbaum scared Queens.

Chuck Schumer spoke in Dutchess.

Schumer gets involved in a local development project upstate.

Schumer will be in Oswego talking nuclear energy.

It’s not easy being a black conservative.

It’s not easy being Michael Steele.

Cindy Adams tells a government / cat joke.

And pictured above is Paladino at the Charter Revision Commission hearing last night, where he said he supported term eight-year term limits for state officials. Morning Read: Massa’s Replacement, Powell’s Bid, Quinn’s Struggle