Morning Read: Paladino’s Entrance, Rudy’s Revenge, Zeldin’s Expectation

Carl Paladino kicked off his campaign for governor, and made fun of Andrew Cuomo.

He said he is “the only Republican in the race who agrees 100 percent with conservative values.”

A guest at Paladino’s kick-off: “This is the best political function I’ve ever been at — there’s no politicians.” Republican Rep. Chris Lee may have attended a private reception.

“Paladino interrupted the polka band to apologize to the crowd for having to make his announcement to run for New York State governor on the same day as the Dyngus Day holiday.”

“Wealthy, successful businessmen are not used to getting punched.”

More on Paladino here and here.

Bill Hammond calls Paladino “a clown.”

Rudy Giuliani said of Charlie Christ “maybe he will become a Democrat.”

George Pataki could be a threat to Kirsten Gillibrand, but he may want to run for president instead.

Steve Levy vows to end violence in Brentwood and Central Islip.

Lee Zeldin expects Levy to campaign for him.

Tom DiNapoli doesn’t like the state’s fiscal practices.

The Assembly wants to save OTB.

The state is raiding money set aside for veterans.

Carl Campanile finds a $140 million computer glitch.

Cops “weren’t ready enough” for the melee in Times Square, says the Post.

Michael Daly has a flashback to the bad old days.

“Even a subway station Mayor Bloomberg uses doesn’t have a security system with fully working security cameras.”

New York is the most expensive place for health insurance.

Tom Wrobleski: The Charter Revision Commission “meetings in each of the four outer boroughs take place less than a quarter-mile from Manhattan.”


Doormen may walk off the job on April 21.

Jimmy Oddo wants the roads fixed on Staten Island.

Selena Ross looks at the nurses fight at City Hall.

Monique Young recommends me for a new job.

And pictured above is a photo from Paladino’s kick-off event.

Morning Read: Paladino’s Entrance, Rudy’s Revenge, Zeldin’s Expectation