Morning Read: Paladino’s Family, Perkins’ Rivals

Steve Levy has between 20 to 25 percent of the state GOP vote, short of the roughly 51 percent he needs to get on the ballot, according to Maggie Haberman.

Carl Paladino has a 10-year-old child with another woman, and many contradictions.

The child will be at Paladino’s campaign launch today in Buffalo.

Charles Barron sees Paterson rebounding.

“Candidly, we believe this governor has lost his ability to make rational decisions.”

Larry Schwartz is reportedly trying to block Dick Ravitch’s borrowing plan.

Possible challengers to Bill Perkins: Rodney Capel, Larry Scott Blackmon and Basil Smikle.

Also, more evidence Al D’Amato is secretly helping Kirsten Gillibrand. [second item]

Newsday: “Levy hasn’t pitched himself as a loyal new Republican intent on helping retake the state Senate and battling for Congress.”

Levy had press conferences on the property of longtime campaign donors.

Levy has “evolved” on abortion.

Howard Wolfson replacing Kevin Sheekey is “a concern among Mike’s corporate friends.”

Hank Sheinkopf on Bloomberg: “The problem with a third term is how to reinvent yourself so your legacy is intact?”

Rep. Peter King doesn’t want to talk about the yearlong moratorium on earmarks.

Rep. Mike McMahon has no regrets about his health care vote.

Rep. Charlie Rangel’s riff about Judas being a saint gets an editorial from the Daily News.

35,171 votes were cast in three special elections that cost a total of $1.15 million.

Steve Ross knows how to lower his taxes.

The Post probes a land deal Malcolm Smith was involved in.

3,478 public employees donated money directly from their paychecks to help victims in Haiti.

James Odato has a good story, in print.

David Mejias is not running for state Senate.

Lee Zeldin said Brian Foley “sells out to his party brass from NYC.”

Georgina Bloomberg now models.

Educators fear funding cuts.

There’s a new political radio show in Syracuse.

Michael Hirschorn says nobody needs CNN anymore.

To save CNN, bring back Crossfire and debate shows, says Ross Douthat.

And Seth Meyers imagines Eric Massa’s exit interview.

Morning Read: Paladino’s Family, Perkins’ Rivals