Morning Read: Pataki Skips, Paladino Implodes, Steele Visits

George Pataki’s not running for Senate, keeps the 2012 door open.

Ed Cox and Michael Steele will meet today.

Maggie Haberman has more.

Chuck Schumer is quiet about Wall Street taxation. “Some said they believed Schumer was throwing the city’s largest industry under the bus to ingratiate himself with fellow Democrats and advance his quest to become Senate majority leader if Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is defeated in November.”

Mitt Romney rubs elbows with Woody Johnson and former Giuliani aide Matt Higgins.

Wayne Barrett reads Rick Lazio’s files, and says he’s a Wall Street creature.

The FBI searched the home of former GOP fund-raiser Irene Matichyn.

Matichyn’s backstory.

Eliot Spitzer spent $100,000 on hookers, says Peter Elkind.

Eric Massa “made crude propositions requesting oral sex from his employees” said a lawyer for one of his former staffers.

It gets weirder.

Chris Cox raised $735,000.

Vinny Ignizio has a lot of ideas for the Charter Revision Commission.

A strike by 32Bj is possible.

Carl Paladino’s campaign yesterday “bordered on surreal.”

For the second straight day, Carl Paladino’s woes are above the fold in Buffalo, his backyard.

Jimmy Vielkind: “The leader of the Tea Party Express said his organization is unlikely to support Carl Paladino.”

The governor wants to cut contracts with Paladino.

WBEN: “Carl cannot win, and at this point his candidacy and the Tea Party support of it can only have negative consequences for a movement which this country needs to succeed.”

The Daily News says Paladino is unfit for office.

Where‘s the GOP candidate for AG?

Gale Brewer fights noisy tour buses.

Andy Newman finds many Adam Clayton Powell IV.

Here’s a longwinded blog item about how Paladino’s emails got out.

Paladino tries playing it cool.

Fallout from Steve Levy’s friend getting county business.

Richie Schaffer on Levy: Democrats will “kick his butt” in 2010 and 2011.

No delay for Joe Bruno.

Tom Precicious notes lawmakers are working on OTB, not the budget.

“See what Spitzer Saw in Playboy.”

There’s a GOP primary for an Assembly seat.

A public employee’s 17-year stretch without working a Friday, makes the wood.

The story.

A, um, unique, artist gets an honor.

And pictured above is Michael Steele, who is in town today. Morning Read: Pataki Skips, Paladino Implodes, Steele Visits