Morning Read: Spitzer’s Libido, Steele’s Analogy, Sheinkopf’s Diss

Shaun Donovan blames mortgage-finance giants, not government mandates, for the trouble faced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Ben Adler awards Michael Bloomberg the “Stupid Idea of the Day” for charging homeless people rent.

Danny Hakim previews the new Eliot Spitzer book: more hookers, more rivalry with Andrew Cuomo.

Spitzer may have had three hookers in one day, and flew one to see him in Puerto Rico while he was attending the Somos el Futoro conference.

Errol Louis wants to save Spitzer’s worthy ideas.

Michael Daly’s column will make Bloomberg happy.

David Paterson and Charlie Rangel “don’t matter anymore,” said Hank Sheinkopf.

John Feinblatt may go to Washington, says Crains.

Cuomo isn’t settling with Hank Greenberg.

The KSM trial could still come to NYC.

The Times says trying KSM in a military court is “explainable” but the policy of having civilian trials for terrorist suspects should remain.

Beth Fouhy notes Michael Steele did get some applause at Al Sharpton’s conference yesterday.

Steele may have referred to the Republican establishment he’s trying to turnaround as an elephant’s ass.

A black Bloomberg aide said a cabbie refused to pick her up.

TPMD notices David Malpass’ entrance into the Senate race.

Malpass said Kirsten Gillibrand was unable or unwilling to control federal spending.

Congressional challenger Chris Gibson has $91,825.97 on hand.

The Tea Party is smarter and richer than average folks.

Blah blah blah Lou Dobbs.

A hit-and-run driver smashed into the car of the Erie County Executive.

Bill Perkins has critics uptown.
NYPD cops may have erased damaging footage of a brawl colleagues were involved in.

More details of the NY1 sexual harassment trial.

In Albany, no budget.

Democrats trotted out empty chairs and name tags of Republicans they say are stalling the budget.

Jonathan Mintz co-writes an op-ed about local financial reform.

Teachers can retire sooner.

Open Meeting Laws get a boost.

And pictured above is one more image of Steele at Sharpton’s conference yesterday. Morning Read: Spitzer’s Libido, Steele’s Analogy, Sheinkopf’s Diss