My iPad Diary

Sunday April 4, 2010

10:21am: I’m awake with a fair-to-moderate hangover from last night’s adventures. As of yet there is no app for that, but iPad joins me for some much needed couch-bound recuperation.

10:49am: I attempt to order breakfast via Seamless Web. Scrolling within certain websites like SW don’t work well on the Safari mobile. Forced to use regular computer.

11:32am: The email program is excellent. If you can find a way position the iPad on your lap, typing is—as Steve Jobs called it—a breeze.

11:39am: The screen collects fingerprints like crazy. Anticipate people carrying around soft cloths like golfers. Time to hire a caddy?

1:04pm: Celtics are playing the Cavaliers on ABC. I test out the ESPN app during the game — it is excellent. Too bad the NBA courtside companion app isn’t ready yet. It looks promising. I wonder if people will be bringing the iPad to games?

2:37pm: I test out the WSJ app–it works really well. I come close to actually subscribing until I realize that it costs nearly twice as much as an actual print subscription. Shouldn’t digital content be cheaper?

2:59pm: Okay, I am convinced: The iPad is the best addition to TV watching since the wireless remote.

3:22pm: Battery life is seriously impressive. Blows every previous Apple device out of the water.

3:38pm: I test out the ABC TV app. Realize instantly that I don’t watch any of the ABC prime-time programs. Test it out with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Video quality is terrific. The show is not. In any case, this will be a nice feature when the rest of the networks join in and I am stuck somewhere with free time and good Wi-Fi.

6:21pm: 64GB is more than sufficient. I loaded 10 movies, a lot of music, photos, books and still have space. I downloaded The Hurt Locker directly from iTunes and it worked perfectly.

6:28pm: Picture quality is amazing.

6:40pm: Google Reader sucks on the iPad. Wi-Fi reception is great, though.

9:31pm: I’m using the iPad to surf Wikipedia while watching HBO’s The Pacific. Loving it.

10:14pm: Not sure how I would really use this at work, but I will definitely use it on a plane. That may well be the best possible use.

10:22pm: In case I haven’t made this clear enough already: My biggest problem with the iPad is the browser—it kind of sucks.

10:30pm: I should have bought that dock, and a case. Will do that tomorrow. Hooray for American consumerism!

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My iPad Diary