Outside Sources: ‘Bloodbath’ vs. ‘Strategy’

What to make of yesterday’s newspaper circulation numbers? Look on the bright side and “replace the world ‘bloodbath’ with ‘strategy,'” writes Ken Doctor. “The print paper is becoming the Starbucks buy, well up-market from the Dunkin Donuts of cheaper, free, digital media.” Hmm. [paidContent]

Jack Shafer on Rupert Murdoch’s motives: “Perhaps he fights so wickedly because he believes he’ll never die.” [Slate]

Larry King’s divorce does not seem to be happening. He plans to watch his wife sing with Willie Nelson. [NYP]

Don’t buy Nick Denton’s “The Man vs. The Web” spin on on the Gizmodo bust. [All Things D]

Jim Lehrer, “bullish” on journalism. [TV Newser]

Sunset Daze is reality TV for the elderly. [NYT] Outside Sources: ‘Bloodbath’ vs. ‘Strategy’