Paladino’s Dirty Emails

Tea-party-type candidate for governor Carl Paladino is being accused of forwarding racist and sexually graphic emails to countless colleagues. But his campaign manager tried casting doubt on the accusation.

“We’re not sure about the authenticity of the emails, and we don’t care,” said Paladino’s campaign manager, Mike Caputo. “I’m not even going to comment on the emails. It’s not something I care to look at.”

Caputo tried down playing the significance of the issue, saying, “Let he who has never opened a graphic image on their Internet cast the first stone.” Caputo said this kind of problem usually hampers a candidate’s initial fund-raising effort, which, with the candidate’s $10 million seed money, isn’t a problem.

Paladino has hired a fund-raiser who most recently worked in Florida. Paladino’s Dirty Emails