Parker Attacked for ‘White Supremacist’ Remark

State Senate Minority Leader, Dean Skelos, is criticizing the latest comments by Democratic State Senator Kevin Parker, who called another Republican state senator a “white supremacist” on a radio show this morning.

Fun stuff, even by Albany standards.

Where it gets more interesting, I think, is Parker’s impact on another colleague: Eric Schneiderman. He’s running for Attorney General in part on his ability to criticize Albany troublemakers. I contacted Schneiderman yesterday to get his response to Parker’s volatile outburst yesterday during a Finance Committee hearing, and haven’t heard back.

Anyway, here’s Skelos, saying Parker is “unfit” for public service.

“His comments yesterday and today have once again gone over the line of decency.  On a radio show this morning, Senator Parker called all the members of our conference, as well as members of his own Democrat conference, “white supremacists.” Senator Parker is not fit to serve in the New York State Senate and he should be disciplined.”


Parker Attacked for ‘White Supremacist’ Remark