Poll: Nice Guy Cuomo Leads All

Andrew Cuomo’s low-profile strategy is paying off, with a new Siena poll finding that most people think he’s not too aggressive, and do think he someone who can help fix Albany.

The question may to have been included in the survey as a reaction to two New York Times front-page stories reporting that his top aide, Joe Percoco, threatened people. The other said Cuomo is pursuing his own aggressive PR strategy.

But the result was that only eight percent said he’s too aggressive. Sixteen percent said he’s not aggressive enough, and 64 percent said his level of aggression is just right.

For the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Rick Lazio has a slim lead over Steve Levy and Carl Paladino. Lazio led with 29 percent, Levy had 15 and Paladino had 13. But 43 percent were undecided, so really, it’s anybody’s race.

In head-to-head match ups, Cuomo wipes them all out. Cuomo leads Lazio 61-24 percent. Cuomo leads Levy 58-23 percent, and he leads Paladino, 64-19 percent.

Interestingly, 53 percent of respondents said they favored a temporary tax on people making $250,000 or more. Poll: Nice Guy Cuomo Leads All