Queens Flips From Lazio to Levy

The Queens County Republican Organization tossed aside their earlier endorsement of Rick Lazio and announced they will support Steve Levy for governor.

It’s an important pickup for Levy. He needs just over 50 percent of the weighted vote of the Republican State Party committee members to get on the ballot, and, according to the Times Union, he’s now at about 30 percent. (The math is imperfect since it’s calculated along a winner-take-all analysis of each county, even though there could be breakaway members from each county bucking their leadership.)

Anyway, an executive board member from the Queens GOP said the group lost faith in Lazio’s “momentum” and fund-raising. This board member also said Lazio’s argument to the organization for sticking with him was twofold: Money is coming in, and he has the Conservative Party line, which is basically a prerequisite for statewide Republican aspirants. The Queens GOP, it seems, wasn’t impressed. Queens Flips From Lazio to Levy