Roundup: Levy Rises, Goldsmith Debuts, LaValle Attacks

Cuomo kabuki theater continues: He’s not on the DRC’s ballot for governor or AG.

NT2NY: “For Cuomo’s people to set their man up as some extraordinary new politician who will never have anything to do with “special interests” and establishment types is ridiculous.”

Jokes too risque for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Rangel and “beloved” Bloomberg agree on Wall Street.
Ravitch and Paterson butt heads.

Haberman says Levy has had “a strong week.”

Bloomberg revives urban Republicanism, via Goldsmith.

Goldsmith friends say he’s really bipartisan, despite his Republican pedigree.

He don’t know much about New York.

More on Quinn and de Blasio.

Moya gets RWDSU.

LaValle punches Ulrich: “With all due respect to the councilman, they’ve got a lot of problems in New York City,” and “It would be nice if they’re were focused on governing instead of trying to pick candidate. Hopefully they’ll be better at government than they are at picking candidates.”

And here’s my musical slideshow of stuff that’s been happening around the city this week. Roundup: Levy Rises, Goldsmith Debuts, LaValle Attacks