Rupert Murdoch Is Prepared for War, Thinks Internet Is a ‘River of Gold’

“No, I’m not at war with the world,” Rupert Murdoch assured Marvin Kalb last night, though the combative media mogul admitted he has a taste for it–“we’ve been in all types of media wars, and I’ve enjoyed them.”

And Mr. Murdoch seems to be enjoying his ongoing war with The Times, having set up his office like a war room. “I have a double computer screen behind me one with the Wall Street Journal dot com and one with the New York Times dot com, and I’m comparing them,” Mr. Murdoch said during the live taping of The Kalb Report.

But Mr. Murdoch–who is preparing to battle The Times with a new stand-alone New York section–isn’t quite as assiduous with the print product.

“I spend more time than most people reading the newspapers. I try to read the Journal. I read the New York Post,” he said. Well, naturally, but what about The Times?

“A lot of The Times. I go through it and I stop at several places,” he demurred. Apparently not Page 1, though. “You can see it very clearly in the way they choose their stories, what they put on Page 1 — anything that Mr. Obama wants,” Mr. Murdoch said.

His own Fox News is more balanced, he said, since it has both Republicans and Democrats, unlike the other networks, which tend to lean left. (The Wrap transcribes the exchange.)

Mr. Murdoch also called the Internet “a river of gold” that’s flowing with the work of newspapers–a situation he intends to fight with a paywall, and perhaps, restrictions on those dreaded search engines.

No word yet on whether Mr. Murdoch plans to add a third, Google-focused computer screen.

Rupert Murdoch Is Prepared for War, Thinks Internet Is a ‘River of Gold’