Schumer Fails the Fact-Check

Well, well, Chuck Schumer should have known better than to try to slip one by This Week this week.

“If you look at who President Obama has nominated, somebody like Judge Sotomayor, who got nine Republicans to vote for her, no one questioned that she was out of the mainstream,” Schumer said in his segment with Republican Senator Jon Kyl. “The other nominees in many of the courts of appeals and district courts, he chooses people in the mainstream. So I don’t think there’s going to be a filibuster or a blocking.”

FALSE, says PolitiFact.

This Week‘s new honesty goons found an AP article titled: “Sessions: Sonia Sotomayor ‘out of mainstream,'” which pretty well puts the issue to bed.

And they’re not interested in the hyperbole defense.

Perhaps Schumer’s comment was one part hyperbole – that what he meant was “hardly anyone” claimed Sotomayor was out of the mainstream. But we’re sticklers for words, and Schumer’s absolute claim that “no one questioned that she was out of the mainstream” isn’t accurate. We understand that “out of the mainstream” is a subjective term, but the fact is that a number of Republican senators used that exact phrase.

Would have worked on Meet The Press. Schumer Fails the Fact-Check