Senators Taking Their Time with Goldman Gang

The Goldman Sachs hearing is still going. It’s after 3 p.m., the senators are still hammering the first panel, and The Observer‘s own Max Abelson hasn’t eaten lunch.

Max will have a full report in tomorrow’s paper, but so far, it’s been reasonably entertaining, if not all that illuminating. Senators from both parties are putting on a show for their constituents–and, thanks to an email that mentions the word, they’re able to call the packaged deals “shitty” as many times as they want, without violating the Senate’s sanctity.

Fabulous Fabrice Tourre has categorically denied the S.E.C. charges, and said he regretted writing those personal emails that got released. Others have ducked and dodged questions about whether they had a duty to look out for their client’s best interests (sort of) and whether the company caused the economic crisis (not really).

I know the senators want to grandstand, but we’re over the four-hour mark now. Doesn’t anybody want to hear from Lloyd Blankfein?

UPDATE: Naturally, right as I was posting this, Senator Levin finally called a recess.

Senators Taking Their Time with Goldman Gang