Sipprelle reads desperation in Holt fundraising effort

The Scott Sipprelle campaign explains a U.S. Rep Rush Holt (D-Hopewell Twp.)-issued Friday email to supporters as panic-stricken attack dog mode, intensified by a Cook Report designation of the 12th District race as potentially “one to watch.”

Seeking small dollar campaign donations, Holt campaign manager Sarah Steward in her email positions Holt as the people-power incumbent against Wall Street comfort zone candidate Sipprelle, “a former hedge fund manager and major donor to the most extreme conservative special interests like the Club for Growth, a group advocating for full and immediate repeal of the health care reform law.”

With the era of Wall Street Democrat Jon Corzine a crumbled afterthought in a short memory span culture, Steward denounced Sipprelle for having put “almost $500,000 from him and his family into the race (while being) well on the way to putting over $1 million of his own money into his campaign account.

“It’s not news that a Wall Street multimillionaire would give himself a bonus, but it means that he’ll have the resources to try to distort Rush’s record of getting things done for Central New Jersey,” Steward added. 

Sensing desperation, Sipprelle Campaign consultant Chris Russell counter-attacked.

“Rush Holt has a long, well-documented history of stuffing his campaign coffers with millions upon millions of dollars courtesy of powerful labor unions, political party bosses and radical special interests,” said Russell.  “For him to attack Scott Sipprelle, a successful businessman who is largely funding his own campaign, as a tool of special interests is equal parts desperate and dishonest.  Sadly, it’s exactly what you would expect from an entrenched incumbent who is afraid to debate Scott on the important issues voters care about like how to create jobs and get our economy moving again.” 

In her pursuit of $10 contributions from Holt supporters, Steward invoked Republicans’ most feared totem from the last decade.

“The country is making progress and we must not return to the irresponsible, unhelpful, uncaring policies of the Bush years,” said Holt’s campaign manager.

Sipprelle reads desperation in Holt fundraising effort