Spitzer ‘Loving’ New Life Despite ‘Unceasing Agony’

A funny juxtaposition from Fortune editor (and forthcoming Spitzer biographer) Peter Elkind’s recent chat with the former governor.

He says he is “loving” his lower-pressure life.

But he also says he is “in unceasing agony” and “incredibly frustrated” over no longer being “where I would like to be” — finishing his first term as governor of New York.

The Times had a Spitzer story, too, one that also managed to say nothing that’s very new–except that Mr. Spitzer is debating bees or sheep for his upstate farm.

The take-away from this little flurry is supposed to be that Mr. Spitzer might like to run again, which we’ve known for months, and doesn’t seem to have become any less of a bad idea.

Spitzer ‘Loving’ New Life Despite ‘Unceasing Agony’