VSL// This year’s early summer anthem

If the increasingly sunny skies aren’t proof enough of spring’s arrival, here’s a bit of musical evidence: LCD Soundsystem’s recently released single “Drunk Girls,” off their forthcoming May 18 album, This is Happening, brings all the pop infectiousness we want out of a hot-weather tune.

The work of LCD Soundsystem, a pop-punk-dance band, has always featured humorous, surprising lyrics, an electronic slant and beats you can really get down to. “Drunk Girls” has these and a backbone of alternating lyrics about drunk boys and drunk girls that could almost qualify as observational comedy bits—“Drunk boys steal from the cupboard/ Drunk girls like to file complaints.” But above all, this song is addictive—enough so to make you want to take off your jacket, roll down your windows and put it on repeat.

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