The Backstory: Clash of the Titans 3D

Thinking of joining the herd and seeing Clash of the Titans 3D this weekend? Here, five pieces of information that

Thinking of joining the herd and seeing Clash of the Titans 3D this weekend? Here, five pieces of information that may make things a little more interesting.

3D or not to 3D?

Trying to capitalize on the boon of 3D releases—the only non-3D films to lead the box office in 2010 are Dear John, Shutter Island and Valentine’s Day—Warner Brothers decided to do a postproduction 3D conversion on Clash of the Titans. The result? Not good. Critics have piled on the way the film looks (among other problems), meaning you might as well save your extra buck and see it in good, old 2D.

To Sir With Love

You probably remember the original Clash of the Titans from watching it on Saturday afternoons, but did you realize that Sir Laurence Olivier co-starred as Zeus? Because we never did. Liam Neeson takes the role in the remake.

Louis Leterrier, Director for Hire

The 30-something Parisian director (and protégé of Luc Besson), who previously helmed The Incredible Hulk, has his eyes on an even bigger prize for his next project: Marvel’s sprawling superhero epic The Avengers. That planned film—which would bring together everyone from the Hulk (Edward Norton) to Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)—could be one of the biggest comic-book undertakings to date. Whether or not Marvel wants to leave it in the hands of the dude who directed Clash of the Titans, though, is a different story.

A Star is Born

Sam Worthington is officially the go-to leading man for Generation 3D. As the story goes: before being tapped by James Cameron to star in Avatar, Mr. Worthington was sleeping in his car; after, he was such a hot commodity that he got cast as the lead in Clash of the Titans. We’re pretty sure he’s got a new car now—and he sleeps in a real bed.

“Release the Kraken!”

Mr. Neeson only appears in Clash of the Titans ever so briefly as Zeus, but he’s still responsible for the biggest marketing tool the film has in its favor: “Release the Kraken.” Mr. Neeson’s reading of that line (which was featured heavily in the trailer) has become a genuine Internet meme. Even if you don’t see Clash of the Titans, just drop a few “release the Krakens” around the office on Monday and you’ll be covered.

Also opening this weekend: Miley Cyrus stretches her acting muscles in the Nicolas Sparks adaptation, The Last Song; Tyler Perry wonders Why Did I Get Married Too?; and Oscar-nominee Carey Mulligan stars in the heartbreaking new film The Greatest. The Backstory: Clash of the Titans 3D