Tonight at Stonewall: Holtzman, Quinn, McMahon

Attorney General candidate Liz Holtzman is expected to attend the candidate’s forum tonight at Stonewall Democratic Club, according to a club source, who said Holtzman was invited, and agreed to attend, just a few hours ago.

Also expected to attend are the other AG candidates, plus: Christine Quinn, who’ll be speaking as a surrogate for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who is in Washington today; and U.S. Rep. Michael McMahon, who angered some on the left by voting against the health care reform bill.

Fun fact: Quinn ditched a fund-raiser she was supposed to headline for McMahon because of his health care vote.

The club is meeting tonight at 8 p.m., at the LGBT Center, 208 W 13th Street. Tonight at Stonewall: Holtzman, Quinn, McMahon