VSL// Don’t miss one of 2009’s terrific (and overlooked) films

You don’t have to be a royal-watcher or even a history buff to appreciate The Young Victoria (available on DVD 4/20): This quiet yet beautiful film stars Emily Blunt, who gave one of last year’s finest female performances.

There are plenty of hurdles facing the young woman who, after being crowned at 18, would go on to be England’s longest-serving monarch—every decision brings complicated political jostling and power struggles. But perhaps her biggest challenge is picking a mate. Enter Albert (Rupert Friend), who starts off as a long-distance friend and becomes an unexpected kindred spirit. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, The Young Victoria gives an interesting perspective on a fascinating figure (with stunning cinematography and dizzyingly lavish costumes that are lovely to look at), but the draw of this biopic is—of course!—its love story.

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