Weiner’s Virality, By The Numbers

Is Anthony Weiner’s recent press-hounding–cataloged by Dana Rubinstein in this week’s Observer–helping his quest for mayor?


Back home, the Queens congressman who made himself a national name by pushing, perpetually, for the public option seems to be doing particularly well with the liberal wing of the party.

Yesterday’s Marist poll canvassing six potential candidates for mayor in 2013 (and an Undecided option) had Mr. Weiner leading among liberals–with 24 percent saying they’d vote for him, good for a nine-point lead over Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

He’s slightly less popular with moderates–21 percent, to former Comptroller Bill Thompson’s 18 percent.

And among conservative Democrats? Four percent. Tied for dead last with current Comptroller John Liu.

The numbers average out to 18 percent among Democrats as a whole–not a stunning number, necessarily, but good enough for first among the field.


Weiner’s Virality, By The Numbers