When Voting No Isn’t Enough

Staten Island Boy Scouts rallied on the City Hall steps this afternoon in an effort to save Pouch Camp from being sold to developers. Among the people in attendence were the two Republican congressional candidate who want to unseat Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon: Mike Grim and Mike Allegretti.

I asked both of them if McMahon’s vote against the health care bill will take the issue off the table, as has been speculated.

No, both said.

“A very quiet no-vote is not the fight that we need,” Grimm said. “I haven’t seen him once tell Nancy Pelosi or President Obama that this is wrong and stand up in a forum in a forum advocating against this. And you won’t.”

Allegretti said McMahon failed “to lead in bringing anyone over to a no-vote on health care. He’s there with Nancy Pelosi 90-percent-plus of the time and as far as I’m concerned, he’s part of the problem because he voted to make her Speaker.”

McMahon’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Nelson, said the congressman “remains an independent voice for Staten Island and Brooklyn.” When Voting No Isn’t Enough