4th District Dems target DeCicco

The fault lines in the 4th District grew starker in the aftermath of last week’s legislative session.

State Sen. Fred Madden (D-Washington Twp.) and Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-Washington Twp.) prodded Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco (R-Franklin Twp.) to apologize to South Jersey seniors and disabled citizens for voting against the restoration of their property tax rebates after DiCicco initially declared his support for senior rebates. 


The lone Republican in the 4th District, DiCicco told seniors at a May 5th Town Hall meeting that he opposed Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to reduce Homestead rebates, prescription-drug benefits and other seniors’ funds – then voted against bills that would have restored those funds and upticked a tax on millionaires.

 “Any way you look at it, Mr. DiCicco misled those seniors and disabled residents when he told them he did not agree with the Governor on the elimination of their property tax rebates,” Moriarty said. “He looked them right in the eye and told them one thing, but then he went to Trenton and did the exact opposite. He owes the people who attended that meeting, and all the other seniors and disabled citizens in South Jersey and across the state an immediate apology, as well as an explanation for going back on his word.”  

Madden likewise chastised DeCicco.

“I am extremely disappointed by Mr. DiCicco’s lack of principle on this issue,” Madden said. “One week he tells citizens who are very worried about losing their benefits that he is on their side, and then two weeks later turns around and votes against them. The people of New Jersey are a lot more sophisticated than some politicians give them credit for. People expect their elected officials to give them honest, straightforward answers — and to stay true to their word.”

DeCicco derided his districtmates’ remarks as the first partisan attack of the 2011 election cycle.

“I’m not surprised that Paul Moriarty is disappointed that his $600 million tax increase on small employers in New Jersey was vetoed,” said the assemblyman. “This is the same guy who has voted to increase payroll taxes, to increase energy taxes and even increased taxes on healthcare.”

DeCicco downplayed the rebate preservation pledge by stepping up what he said was his promise to oppose any new tax increases. In the process he singled out and rebuked Moriarty for resorting to fear tactics.

“(Moriarty) knows full well that the funding for PAAD and Senior Gold have been restored by the Governor,” DeCicco said. “Not only have they been restored, but they’ve been restored – without raising taxes to pay for it. Again, this is a concept lost on Mr. Moriarty.”

Moriarty called his Republican counterpart “a glaring example of what’s wrong with politics today. You can’t blame people for being angry and frustrated when politicians like him not only fail to protect their interests, but deceive them about what they plan to do.

“He sold out to the governor and the super-wealthy and stuck everyone else with the bill,” the Democratic assemblyman added.

4th District Dems target DeCicco