Allegretti Attacks the Fossella Excuse

The return of Vito Fossella got a little more interesting, with this item from Celeste Katz, saying the former congressman is paving the way for a 2012 run, by trying to stymie support from going to one particular candidate in 2010: Mike Grimm.

Katz wrote: “One longtime GOP operative said Fossella and his surrogates had been dialing around to keep people from supporting hopeful Michael Grimm in recent weeks, saying Fossella ‘may get into the race.’ But the real strategy, the operative suggested, is not about laying the groundwork for a Fossella run this year, but two years from now.”

Grimm is in a heated primary against Mike Allegretti, whose campaign manager thinks the Fossella argument is…not credible.

“The only person that thinks Vito Fossella is actively hurting Guy Molinari’s hand picked candidate is Guy Molinari,” said Allegretti’s campaign manager Ray Riley. “As it is everyday, our focus continues to be Democrat Michael McMahon, not the political rumors. Our main focus is to work to help the people in the 13th Congressional District and defeat Michael McMahon in Fall.” Allegretti Attacks the Fossella Excuse