Ann Curry and Moby Are Going Through a Photography Phase

Further notes from Monday’s ICP awards!

There were plenty of artists and editors in attendance, but we must not forget that photography is a democratic medium: other guests tended to confess that they also took some pictures.

Ann Curry walked the cocktail reception with David Turnley, who won a Pulitzer in 1990 for his photographs of political unrest in China and Eastern Europe. They had met at a coffee shop a few years ago, she said, and became immediate friends–in part because of their shared interest in photography.

“Usually my photographs are of human suffering, to be honest,” Ms. Curry said,  gripping the Transom’s arm for emphasis. “I’m trying to take happier pictures.”

Moby, meanwhile, explained that his uncle had been a photographer for The Times, and had given him an old Nikon F as a childhood gift. He still takes pictures, “ideally, pictures that don’t involve people” because he is shy. He prefers instead to document his life on tour: surrounded by crowds one minute and alone in a dressing room with “old bananas and some yogurt” the next.

Other Moby side projects: Diamond Snake, a heavy metal band with a “New Jersey parking lot” sound, which he discussed with ICP staff photographers after posing for photos. Ann Curry and Moby Are Going Through a Photography Phase