Bergen Dems hound Hermansen on Superbowl abstention; GOP freeholder says they go global for a reason

Democrats today tried to spike the ball on Bergen County Freeholder Rob Hermansen, who prior to the hoopla created by the league’s final thumbs up decision to cite the 2014 Superbowl in the Meadowlands, abstained from the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders resolution urging the NFL to hold the Super Bowl in Bergen County. 

“Freeholder Hermansen abstains on a lot of votes but even this one surprised me,” said Freeholder Bernadette McPherson. “It mirrored the resolution offered and supported in a bipartisan fashion at the state level. To take a pass on a vote like this one and then join in the celebration for the press as if he had is shameless and shows his concern is what is best for his political career rather than what is best for the residents of Bergen County.”

Democrats fumed when Hermansen this week hobnobbed at a sports bar with Gov. Chris Christie, who all but rose both arms to signify touchdown in his podium reaction to the Superbowl news. 

“If Freeholder Hermansen can’t commit to a position on something like supporting the Superbowl, then where will he be on important issues facing our county?” McPherson wondered. “How will he react to our Governor slashing education by $102 million in our county, cutting aid to our library’s, senior rebates, and transportation cuts? Will he fight for our residents, or just continue to abstain and do photo ops?”

Weary of the Democrats’ efforts to engineer every freeholder meeting around giving ammunition to Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney’s embattled re-election effort, Hermansen said his opponents want to globalize the issues to avoid a countywide catastrophe of their making.   

“My vote one way or the other is not going to affect an NFL owner,” said the freshman freeholder.

“These are resolutions to build a political agenda, and I have said I will continue to abstain on things that have no bearing; things like the Arizona immigration law. I know they will continue to put resolutions up to convince people they’re doing something of value. But unfortunately for them, the voters are going to make a decision. The bottom line is my vote won’t have any bearing on the NFL. It just makes me laugh.”

Hermansen said he has abstained on votes eight times since he was elected freeholder last year: three times when a resolution related to a friend, and five times when he was unconvinced the bills were little more than political theater. 

“Bernadette McPherson goes to the BCDO (Bergen County Democratic Organization) for her press release, that’s because they can’t make decisions on their own,” Hermansen said. “That tells you all you need to know.”  Bergen Dems hound Hermansen on Superbowl abstention; GOP freeholder says they go global for a reason