Best of the Met

It’s that time of year again when we get to marvel at the many things worn at Anna Wintour’s party the Costume Institute gala at the Met. This year’s theme, “The American Woman,” was perhaps a little bit easier for sartorially challenged celebrities to understand and therefore please their red carpet audiences.

After all, the themes of years past–“Superheroes” in 2008 and “The Model as Muse” in 2009–resulted in numerous disasters, including lamé turbons (Kate Moss), strange lighting strike patterns (Lake Bell), thigh high boots (Madonna) and inappropriate cleavage and leggage (Blake Lively). Judging from this year’s looks, the famous ladies have wised up and classed it up. Truthfully, the disasters were far fewer than we’ve seen in the past.

Stay tuned for a full red carpet report from Chloe Malle, but for now enjoy a slideshow of our favorite looks from last night.  Best of the Met