BroBos to Venture Upstate?

The vaguely creative may have to move farther afield if they’re going to stay on the cutting edge of comfort.

Today’s Times reports that the town of Rosendale is fast becoming a Brooklyn outpost:

Rosendale, in Ulster County, is hardly the first place to consider itself Brooklyn North or the sixth borough. But like New Paltz and Beacon before it, this depressed former cement manufacturing town of 6,400 has lately had a steady influx of creative freelancers with 917, 718 and 646 area-code cellphones. . . .

“We make jokes about how many people we keep meeting up here who are from Williamsburg,” said David Soman, a children’s book illustrator who was ahead of the curve when he and his wife moved here in 2001. “There’s a growing contingent. We keep meeting more of them at Market Market.”

Consider yourselves warned, BroBos!

BroBos to Venture Upstate?