Can Perez Hilton be Bought for $20 Million?

Avid Life Media, owner of sites like, has teamed up with two gossip bloggers, Zack Taylor and Nik Richie, to make an offer on Mario Lavandeira’s gossip site for $20 million, according to Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan.

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Richie might use traffic to Mr. Lavandeira’s site to boost the launch of a new collaboration that they are planning. Mr. Nolan speculates that the offer may just be a stunt to get attention for their new site.

Mr. Lavandeira has not indicated that his site is for sale or said how much he thinks it is currently worth. $20 million might be too low.

Mr. Lavandeira’s involvement with the site after the buyout also remains unclear. Can Perez Hilton be Bought for $20 Million?